Anthology MMXI​-​MMXII

by At Dusk

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DNG I just had to buy it on Bandcamp again. Did not want to damage the envelope around the cd release. Favorite track: We Had All Gone Astray.
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Raw worship. Threnodies to mankind and the dissolution of ego. Let the Self be absorbed in the All.

Tracks 1-2 from At Dusk / Korium split CS, Track 3 from At Dusk / Procer Veneficus split CS, Tracks 4 & 5 previously unreleased


released June 19, 2014



all rights reserved


At Dusk Baywood Los Osos, California

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Track Name: Antlersmoke
in unearthly pallor of lunar glow, we awaken
we cast our baréd souls before thee
unlatch the eyes of mind
antlersmoke, inspired, arouse us
free our spirits to wander in the nether gloaming
transport us to foreign shores of radiance
unending, ethereal, permeating light
made manifest to flow through trembling cells
fling wide cytherean portals, to spill
the chalice of virgin wine
lapped up in trancelike ecstasy
delight in orgiastic ritual of life
the thrash of branches, swept by spiritus
to sway in holy winds, to splash against one another
most high celestial blood adorning our lips
the idolatrous abstention of juvenescence lies long-fallow, forgotten;
in its place, final purity of license
bittersweet wine of creation burns the tongue
ambrosial incense of death flares the nostrils
luxurious indulgence, to play at existence and destruction:
in wonder at penultimate deliverance we are purified, and reborn.
Track Name: We Had All Gone Astray
in nighted wood we wander
seeking sacred sylvan wisdom
lost these centuries
to callous hands of ignorance

we are blessed this night
the wind and leaves whisper
sage counsel through the fog
be therefore silent that thou might hear their voices
hearken unto petra, fauna, flor
tempered soundly through aeons they speak:
"do not deny that flame which resides, inherent within all living things"

under the incandescent orb of bloated moon
in nighted wood we gather
bathed in spectral moonlight
and embrace the natal demon
clawing for life inside us all
Track Name: Oceanborn
I will journey to abysses of blackstill waters
i will wade into their warm embrace
i will immerse myself in gentle fingers
that softly sway my everdense corporeal form
this summer sea, crowded with small jellies
like gooseberries, dangling their tendrils
wash in against my legs and belly,
stinging like small bitter fires
I will see a star, late rising
as waves lift my legs, to hang
evanescent, suspended in flowy matter
skin blazing under medusazoac lances
under blackcloaked sky,
glittering as if punctured by diamond needles
this light i hold has finally been extinguished
thin openings emerge over ricepaper encasements
and bursting with clouds of crimson, i am freed
through burgundy slits, spirits clamor and escape
through unending waters, this sanguine dowry
curls and billows across pulsing epochs
a fluid thrumming, ebbing, flowing, in harmonic synchrony
all is one, all is one, all is one, within, without
my vision sinks to murky cumulations
submersed in wat'ry arms of adoring seas
i am born anew
Track Name: Where We Have Always Dreamed
I will bathe my body in the spilt sanguine waters of Jotunn
cool and clear, my spirit shall see once more
I will emerge, to cross the wall of watery flame
and ruminate, in utter silence, among falling diamonds

I will lay down my bones to rest among earth and hallowed stone
and mingle with the spirits of my kinhood
our eyes shall jointly be opened to primordial peace
in a hazy crevasse, we shall join as one

let us forever walk in endless verdancy
let us depart that world rife with corruption and anguish of endless alienation
from this; where we have always dreamed

where we were always meant to be
where our souls long to remain
where my body shall return
this place where Gods are born, reborn, and die.
Track Name: Betrayed by the Light
nether whispers from unknown realms
swirl about thy visage
chanting mantras of desolation, apocalyptic horror
dread nights, unfound, surrounded by haunting echoes
crying out for wrongs never committed
writhing in abject solitude, weeping with the pain unending
there is no light

the blasphemy of vile tongues
decayed and rotten, curséd betrayers
calumnious waggings, fucked lies
knives to pierce your flesh and bone
no solace for these just men; but bear it well
stinking hatred your reward